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Scoutbook is an internet-based tool that the troop uses for keeping track of our members’ contact information, training, and advancement progress.  We also use it as a communication tool to send messages to each other, publish the troop calendar, and share information via group forums.
Each scout has a profile and advancement record which is maintained by the troop and the national BSA organization. As parents, you can participate by:
  • Keeping your personal profile up-to-date (e.g. email address, which is where you will receive most troop communication)
  • Keeping your scout(s) profile(s) up-to-date. It’s important that each scout’s full name and date of birth matches those in the national BSA system (as submitted on the membership application) so that advancement is properly tracked.
  • Deciding whether your scout(s) should have his own login to Scoutbook. We recommend this, since it allows the scout to enter his own advancement progress and connect with merit badge counselors, his patrol leader, etc. In order for a scout to login to Scoutbook, the parent must supply the scout’s email address and invite them (the troop cannot do this). The parent will be automatically copied on any Scoutbook messages that the scout receives.
  • Entering and monitoring advancement progress. You or your scout can mark off requirements as ‘completed’. While each requirement must be approved by a scout leader before advancement is awarded, Scoutbook can help you keep track of what remains to be done to complete various ranks and merit badges. Requirements you’ve marked as completed have a green checkmark. Uploading notes, pictures, etc can help you get approval for the requirement.
  • Prior to a Board of Review, your scout must have the requirements approved (’signed off’) by a Scoutmaster or assistant scoutmaster. This is referred to as a ’Scoutmaster Conference’ and is similar to having the scout’s paper book signed off. Once approved, the requirements will have a blue checkmark.  When all requirements for a rank have been approved, the scout will be awarded the rank, and the requirements will be marked with gold checkmarks.
  • The Scouts' progress is recognized at a periodic Court of Honor. In order to be included in a Court of Honor, the advancement requirements must be approved (blue checkmarks) and, for Merit Badges, signed blue cards submitted to the Advancement Coordinator or Scoutmaster.

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