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The Scouting program is not designed to solve youth discipline problems.  On the contrary, it is designed to build into youth the necessary character and responsibility to prevent discipline problems.  The Scouting Program needs all of the time available to it to accomplish these aims – thus administering the Scouting Program does not provide the troop leadership with any extra time to waste dealing with discipline problems.  We believe it is the parents who should have the direct responsibility to instill and reinforce good manners, socially acceptable behavior and respect for authority in their Scouts.  Discipline should not be a problem in a Scout Troop.  Since a Scout's participation is voluntary, it is reasonable to assume that he wants to be a good Scout.  A Scout's behavior is expected to conform to the Scout Oath and Scout Law, which each Scout is expected to know from memory.

Scouts are responsible for paying for the repair or replacement of any troop equipment that is lost or damaged as the result of carelessness or misbehavior.

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