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Events and Camping Costs

Monthly Camp outs

Troop 270's policy is that we operate by the Patrol method whenever possible.  This means that the Patrol will develop their own menus and buy their own food for the camp out.  Usually there are no other costs associated with a normal camp out.  Certain camp outs may have special fees or charges.  (Examples: a camp out to a State Park may require a $3-5 fee for the cost of the state camp; a camp out to Annapolis to overnight and see a Battleship will add the individual's share of the group cost since it’s a Troop function and not Patrol camping.)  Scholarship funds ("Camperships") are available; application should be made to the Troop Committee.

Summer Camp

Usually $150.00 to $250.00 (but sometimes significantly higher) depending upon the summer camp location.  Generally summer camp fees are payable in two or three installments prior to the camp.  Camperships (scholarships) may be applied for by February 1st of each year from the Troop Committee.  Also the Scout can earn money toward his Scout account with participation in Troop fund-raisers.

High Adventure Camps

Costs are usually $500.00 to $1500.00 (for older (14+) Scouts only).  Scouts are expected to earn moneys toward their Scout account with participation in Troop fund-raisers.

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