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How do I start a Merit Badge?

To start a merit badge, the scout chooses the merit badge from the list in Scoutbook.

  • The Scoutmaster will assign a merit badge counselor who will be responsible for working with your son to accomplish and approve the requirements of the badge.  You can optionally ‘connect’ to the merit badge counselor on Scoutbook, which will allow your son to receive messages from the counselor.
  • As your son progresses through the requirements, mark them as completed and enter any notes, pictures, videos, etc that show the work completed.
  • When the merit badge is completed, make sure the merit badge counselor has approved all requirements (all blue checkmarks) and signed your blue card.
  • In order to be awarded the badge, you MUST submit a signed ‘blue card’ to the Advancement Coordinator(s) or Scoutmaster, just as you have in the past.  Optionally, you can put a blank blue card into your printer and print the card using Scoutbook; however the signed paper card must be turned in.

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